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Host: Nehha Budhirraja
(Professional Numerologist)

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Do You Love Understanding Numbers, How They Are Related To One’s Life & The Impact It Can Create…? Because here’s an opportunity to turn your interest into your profession…

What You Will Learn

Transform your career path effortlessly with my exclusive 2-Hour LIVE Numerology Workshop! Experience simplified, to-the-point sessions that will pave the way for your successful journey into the world of Numerology!

After This Workshop You'll be Able to

Understand the significance of numbers in various cultures and traditions.

Learn about key numerology numbers, including the Life Path Number, Expression Number, Soul Urge Number, and Personality Number.

Numerology Charts and Readings Understand how to calculate these numbers using birthdates and names.

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Know Your Host

Nehha Budhirraja

She is a highly regarded and passionate spiritual healer, tarot card reader, and numerologist. Her journey into enlightenment began in 2008, driven by a fascination with the laws of attraction.

Born in Panipat and now residing in Ludhiana after marriage, she has acquired clients globally due to her accurate readings and widespread popularity. Today, she extends her expertise by teaching tarot reading to students. Her innermost desire is to connect with people, liberate them from negative energies, and guide them towards self-discovery. With a mission to create a path of success through realizing one's inner self, her ultimate aim is to contribute to healing humanity.

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